About The Glass Mall – Our locations and info

About The Glass Mall – Our locations and info

Hey everyone and welcome to the Glass Mall.com.  We are a glassware company running primarily out of the midwest; with 5 locations in Michigan, 1 in Illinois, 1 in Wisconsin, 1 in Ohio, and one in Pennsylvania. We specialize in wholesale glassware, personalization services such as etchings and engravings, as well as collectibles and novelty shot glasses. We have wedding print packages available on sale each month and our prices are the lowest in the nation for our services and we price match besides.

We accept all forms of Credit card payments as well as Paypal. As far as me, the writer of this right now; My name is Viveta Mentzelopoulou, originally from Athens, Greece.

All items are available for sale, but we also include tutorials on how to do some of the things such as etching yourself.  When you don’t find me updating on work and current issues; you can find me on my blog Viveta Mentzelopoulou!

This is our business blog here focusing on my businesses in Michigan and the midwest.


We have locations in Michigan of: Grand Rapids, Detroit, Lansing, Muskegon, Twin Lake, Bear Lake/Manistee.  Outside of the state our midwest locations are in Chicago, Indianapolis, Madison, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Columbus, Ohio.  

We are in partners with Lansing First Fridays and our sister sites include Prime Time Print, Vintage VHS, Greek wholesale and fraternity products and much more!

Visit our sites today!

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