Jodi Arias Murder Trial – Day Forty-Nine

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I love this Dr. DeMarte, Finally there is a doctor involved with the case that has a little integrity! Unlike the last two quacks.


Yesterday was a total waste of time.  Did Nurmi not speak with Grace Wong to ascertain what she would say?  She saw nothing!  The whole photo enhancement was a total joke.  So Mr. Nurmi, the court, prosecution, jury, taxpayers and the public at large thank you for wasting time and money and what could have been a productive day of trial!

Court starts at err, umm, uhh, 10:04…. the defense rests.

Screen shot 2013-04-16 at 1.19.11 PMJuan calls Dr. DeMarte….

Going over her CV.

She has a PhD. and she outlined all that she did during her years of working on her degree.  She performed evaluations along the way.  She waited a year to become licensed by working with more psychologists in a number of fields.  She became licensed in July, 2010.

She supervised behavioral staff of all sorts.  She was in charge of all the training and supervision.  She even taught MA and PhD…

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