Have people lost their minds?

Posted on March 18, 2013 by


Have people lost their minds?  What happened to rational thought?

Why would the insurance industry be so against this?  Think about it.


If the insurance industry is against it, the people should be for it.  All the facts and figures point to this.

Why are the Republicans so against this if it will be “political suicide” for the democrats if they pass it?

They could just shut up and let the Democrats pass this “horrible bill” if they really thought it would be as bad as they say.  But no, they know it will be a success, they know it will give millions coverage, lower costs.  And yes, it lowers costs according to the independent CBO that scored it as reducing the deficit over 10 years because these will keep the insurance industry in check.

And who would believe any argument on fiscal responsibility from the Republicans?!  That war in Iraq was not only one of the biggest wastes of taxpayers money, the war was on faulty intelligence.  This is the party some people want to listen to on responsible spending?  The party that keeps Mark Sanford in office after having an “international booty-call” paid for by taxpayers.


Some say that Republicans are going to have big gains next election, I don’t think so.  I think their house-of-cards is starting to fall.  Facts are pesky things to get around, and they are on the wrong side of history on so many issues.

Homeland Security: worst terrorist attack in our nations history under their watch.

Fiscal Responsibility: tax cuts for the rich, wars in Iraq that helped drive us into a recession during the Bush years.

Civil Rights: Republicans dragged their feet, Democrats passed the civil rights amendments.


And if Republicans win next election…we ALL lose.  Seriously, what do we win by giving back power to this party that drove us in the wrong direction for 8 years!

Look at the facts…




America needs to wake up.  Who is taking on the insurance industry when they have power?  Who is fighting the tough fight for all Americans.  Who did nothing over the last 8 years?


Who made the mess?  Who is trying to “clean up the mess”, and who is voting NO on all clean-up efforts?