Business plans at sporting events

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Business plans at sporting events


Business plan for sporting events

  • Sell at event
  • Sell DVDs at event if it is a university
  • Put fliers on cars
  • Stickers in bathrooms


  • Talk to clerk, show nice catalog with some of our products, show a sample one, business card attached to story
  • Also can mention Video conversion
  • Primetime Print Items
    • Ink pens, mouse pads, rulers, book marks, business cards, kids stuff (Frisbees, etc.)  keychains
    • Put fliers in some books, or business cards in some books

Churches and youth groups

  • Nice fliers for pastors, showing fund raising, costs, benefits, etc.
  • Show items on fliers (more kid items on youth group flier)
    • Communion glassware
    • Wedding cups
    • Personalized plates
    • Bible verses on items
    • Explain religious background
    • VintageVHS video conversion
    • Ask about fliers for weddings
      • Wine glasses
      • Plates
      • Shot glasses
      • Etc.
      • VintageVHS

Golf courses:

  • Items
    • Golf balls
    • Golf tees
    • Plates
    • Shot glasses
    • Wine glasses,etc
    • Business items
      • Start up business packages
      • Business cards

We need to have just a few items on the fliers

On sports one: baseball, soccer ball, bowling ball, hockey puck, Frisbee, golf ball, golf tee

(for some maybe also mention the business deal)

Church one: glass items, coffee mug, communion cup, just a text list of all items, vintage VHS mention