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Questions to ask:

Where can I find Greek subtitles for the movie “Say Anything”.  I can’t find them anywhere

Where to go to find a printing company that can make professional business fliers for promotional work?


I would like some nice printouts for my business that show the products and have my prices.  Where would I go to find some nice fliers for a good price?  Basically think of like the sunday newspapers with the advertisements, who do they usually have to print those?  I know it can’t be too much, to make it cost-effective for them to advertise this way, or else they would go with black-and-white.

What is a speculator?  What is this about betting against Greek’s economy?

 How do bookies make money?

What if the line on a sports game changes?

i.e. 120 100

How much does it cost to get the bulk mail stamp on letters for businesses?

What I want to do is to be able to send out my business postcards to businesses, rather than putting a stamp on each one, how much does the bulk mail cost.  You know, the stamp  that the postage is paid already.  Basically all the mail you get where there is not a stamp, this is what I want to do with my business.  How much would this cost?

How to make a torrent.  Better to zip the file first to make smaller?


How to post a torrent on a website?

How to I post torrents to a website?

Basically I own a website, and I’ve been trying to get some torrents on there for my customers to click to download videos of our company that I have previously made for certain customers to see…so Youtube is not an option.

I can make torrent files, but when I upload to my website it doesn’t make it work……
Here is the page I place the uploaded torrent to. What am I doing wrong?

For those who suggest that I just upload the video files, I am not allowed that much space through to do this. So i need to use some outside way of holding the file and having the torrents on my page.

How can I do this?


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 Gli ultimi 15 anni del regime di Ceausescu furono i peggiori della storia della Romania. Tuttavia, la macchina della propaganda dell’epoca si riferisce immancabilmente a quel periodo come a “l’epoca d’oro”…

“Racconti dell’età dell’oro” riadatta per il grande schermo le più note leggende metropolitane del periodo. Leggende comiche, bizzarre e sorprendenti abbondavano, ispirate agli eventi surreali della vita di tutti i giorni sotto il regime comunista.

“Racconti dell’età dell’oro” è una combinazione di varie storie vere che ritrae un’era in cui il cibo era più importante del denaro, la libertà era più importante dell’amore e la sopravvivenza era più importante dei principi.

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