Great hot Hello Kitty shot glass and links

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Hello Kitty shot glass and links

Hello Kitty shot glass started selling rubber sandals with flowers painted on them, but quickly moved to more adorable items geared more towards adults such as Hello Kitty shot glasses. It was noted that the money gained by the additions of adorable shot glasses with the Hello Kittie design from the sandals led to the adorable characters for its new merchandise. The Hello Kittie name produced a line of character products around gift dates such as party’s with Hello Kitty party favors, and holidays such as Christmas. Hello Kittie shot glasses of the 2012 product line was created by Snario  and was added to the lineup of the earliest characters in the 70s and early 1980s. The Hello Kittie animation first appearance on an item was a coin purse in Tokyo, Japan.  Hello Kitty shot glasses  were first designed around a Hello Kittie image sitting between a milk jug, fish bowls, and Japanese backgrounds.

via Hello Kitty Information and Shot Glass images « The Glass Mall.

hello kitty shot glass and links

Adorable and affordable Hello Kitty 2012 gift shot glasses
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Hello Kitty 2012 shot glass sets

Hello Kitty 2012 shot glass sets are finally here! Get your two styles of the most popular Hello Kitty designs to hit the market, the Black Dress Kitty and the Flower Kitty shot glasses make great gift sets for all collectors.