Hello Kitty Collectable shot glass set

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Hello Kitty Collectable Glass Set of two adorable shotglasses

2012 Collector’s Hello Kitty gift items from The Glass Mall and Prime Time Print partnership; each gift package is set which includes two amazing shot glasses Hello Kitty fans and collectors.  These friends and partners of The Glass mall are just worth checking out.

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Two options include the sharp Hello Kitty Collector’s Black Dress Shot Glass, and the adorable Hello Kitty collectables Flower shot glass. Click the image of the product below to go to that page.

And visit the site Collectible Shot Glasses Gifts as well.

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Hello Kitty Collectibles 2012 top gift items!!

via Adorable and affordable Hello Kitty 2012 top gift items!! « The Glass Mall.

Hello Kitty Collectible 2012 shot glass sets

Hello Kitty 2012 shot glass sets are finally here! Get your two styles of the most popular Hello Kitty designs to hit the market, the Black Dress Kitty and the Flower Kitty shot glasses make great gift sets for all collectors.