Republican Party is getting desperate. Slim chance of victory in November (according to Vegas)

Posted on August 13, 2012 by


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Just heard that Vegas is giving an 89% chance of Obama winning re-election after Paul Ryan was named VP.  Of course things can change, but it was good to know that people whose livelihood is determined on the accuracy of their odds; things are looking good for the democrats!

The Republicans are getting desperate; they really have no chance to win after realizing that all the money they are throwing into media spots are not helping change the election; virtually all polls show them headed for another defeat.  In picking Paul Ryan, at least Mitt Romney can say to people like Rush Limbaugh, “look, you said we lost last election because we didn’t go conservative enough..  now what??”

The Republicans are going to lose this next election…that was guaranteed after the selection of Ryan.. before giving any “specifics” before, and staying uncontroversal; Romney was STILL losing.. now with this pick, selecting a vice President that wants to cut so many programs and services for the middle class and poor, and not asking the top 1% and wealthiest to pay more in taxes (as it is now, the wealthiest are getting away with paying less percentage in taxes than middle class families by gaming the system.   Now with this pick, they will lose a lot of votes, a lot of senior citizen votes, the latino vote, and neither have foreign policy experience.

The devil is in the details; and there aren’t many economists that think the Republican plans would be better than Democratic plans.. if they did, they would have brought something to the Congressional Budgeting Office to brag about how much would be saved with their plans over the party. That hasn’t happened; and with all Republican talk about how bad ObamaCare is.. 2 years out they haven’t brought an alternative to the CBO to be rated, because they know the numbers can’t work for them. Also, did you know that Paul Ryan’s district has higher unemployment than the national average? He can’t even bring his district unemployment up to “average” after running it for 10 years +. The house of cards is crumbling for the Republicans.