Prime suspect in murder suspect tied to Occupy Wall Street

Posted on July 11, 2012 by


Police cleverly follow suspect covertly; until DNA was found.  Crack 2004 murder case.

Police followed the suspect for days until he touched a chain fence while part of a Occupy Wall Street protest.

Dimitry Sheinman  was the prime suspect in the 2004 killing of Sarah Fox after numerous interviews in which he convinced investigators that he was the killer.  Police never had a DNA sample from him and with no evidence to connect him, they had to let him go.  He quickly moved to Africa with his wife and kids and was considered a case that was too difficult to proceed with him being out of the country.  But when investigators heard that he planned to return to New York after having a psychic vision of who the killer was and wanting to divulge this information to officers.  They had undercover officers follow him covertly until he touched a chain link fence used in an Occupy Wall Steet Protest.  There was enough DNA extracted to match it and with this evidence they will have enough to have probable cause to get DNA sample to officially charge or exonerate him.  As of now, the fact that officers saw him touch the fence, is not definitive enough to say that the DNA was 100% sure to have come from the suspect; but enough to order a DNA sample from the suspect to know if it was a match or not.  But the fact that the previous suspect of the murder, was at the same location as the DNA match of that murder, after years of living in Africe; it makes it very likely that they have cracked the case.