Additional steps on pad printing process

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I should have given this update before now..


this is part two on the steps to pad-print

What would be good to do:


Write out more adds; get them running

Okay; What you will need to do is find the two templates for the hello kitty with the flower and the hello kitty with the black dress..

There may be more than one of these… find the one that looks like previous ones I’ve made and sold. 


Get the black ink; get a modest amount; maybe like 1.5 tablespoons..

Get the scale out; put one of those plastic cups on it; and whatever you will stir it with and while use to scoop out the ink.

Weigh it then hit the tarre button.

When it sets to 0; put the 2 tablespoons of  ink into the cup

Weigh it; multiply this number by 1.5.

Drop in; paint hardener until you get to that weight total;

multiply by 1.5

drop in the paint thinner until you get to that amount.

Pour the ink into the machine plastic tray


Get the putty molded in place to have the shot glass go there..


Do your press; make sure it is aligned right so design is displayed parrellel to the ground and not crooked

Make the products; half of one kitty design; half of the other

Have over preheaded to 400

Put in oven 10 minutes


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