5 Reasons to Sell Glassware At Festivals

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The 5 Reasons to glassware Sell at festivals

Transcribed by Jamie Lee

  1. The cost of products for festivals, when purchasing in large quantities, as you would for a festival, is incredibly cheap. You can get personalized festival items for around $0.75 cents which people will gladly pay up to $10 for these items for souvenirs and mementos.
  2. There are just an insane amount of festivals, you definitely can have your choice of your area of interest and only select to vend at festivals that you really enjoy.
  3. If you choose to go to the bigger events; you will basically have all you need at your disposal with technology advancing so fast.  For instance, I went to a festival in New York – and was camping there; but we were able to have internet; free, when we needed with our phone aps.  This saved us a ton of money, which equaled even MORE profits.
  4. Vending at these festivals is always a great way to meet other businesses and sellers with the same interests as you, which can lead to increased sales if “alliances” are formed.
  5. Meet many great people!  This is the best part of it; when you sell at festivals, if you do it the right way, you are at big events with many people from all walks of life.  It is always enjoyable to talking with them.  And I always am sure to have many business cards at my stand because we get so many orders AFTER the event with this approach.  Many people might not have the money at the time, but still want a souvenir.  This way also has guaranteed I never have any unsold products.  I always sell out; and with this approach I can know in advance what amount of sales I will get. (this requires doing your research on the number of attendees, and demographics.

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