Glass Etching Do and Don’ts

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Another Glass Etching post

This seems to have turned into try-a-new-thing-with-your-Silhouette month for me : ) My friend Stephanie and I conquered glass etching this weekend! It was so much fun, fairly simple, and had such a pretty result!

I followed her lead and we both chose to decorate casserole dishes – so that come the next potluck, we won’t need to be searching for masking tape and permanent markers to label them with ; ) We used the Silhouette much as I did in my previous post to cut out the vinyl pieces that we wanted.  The important difference this time was that we applied the negatives to our dishes.

Once the negative is applied (using transfer paper) all that’s left to do is to paint on the glass etching cream. We used cheap paint brushes that we could throw away.

The bottle said to wait 60 seconds before washing off…we waited about 10 minutes.

Before peeling away the…

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