Eco Inspiration on Reusing a Light bulb for Profit

Posted on March 16, 2012 by


Great DIY post to check out

Changing My Destiny

This will be the first Eco post that I have not done myself. Part of me is disappointed, but since I’ve transitioned most of my light bulbs to CFLs, I can’t do this until the last few standard bulbs burn out. However, I found them unique enough that I wanted to share them with you.


Aside from the below, I found a few other ideas out there, but couldn’t verify the sources so I didn’t include them. In particular how to turn a light bulb into a oil lantern and I saw several pictures of people who connect wire to the top and hung them from a tree. I really liked the idea of hanging them, since you could fill them with anything (i.e. ribbon, glitter, confetti, crumbled up colored cellophane…even crumbled newsprint/books pages could look very cool.)


Here is a good resource on how to hollow out…

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