A Match Made In Heaven

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Nice post, we are a glass company so we are always looking for glass items to add to our page. Added this one, with your permission, of course. Its linked back to yours so doubt you will mind.

Looking At Glass

Today I am looking at what could possibly be the best Looking At Glass satellite office, ever.

Tiny Texas Houses has posted for sale their right size (12′ x 25′ with porch overhang), Forget-Me-Not Chapel.  Tiny Texas Houses specializes in building tiny structures out of reclaimed materials.  The Forget-Me-Not Chapel includes fabulous stained and etched glass windows reclaimed from Buffalo, NY.

Bejeweled with 4 vintage stained glass windows salvaged in Buffalo, NY possibly crafted in Europe but no exact provenance is known.   The windows date to the late 1800′s and include reds, greens, blues, and textured glass on the front that is all original hand blown glass.  Tiny crosses are etched into the glass on the Chapel’s side windows and are also well over 100 years old.

You can read all about the Forget-Me-Not Chapel HERE.

I think the Forget-Me-Not Chapel and Looking At Glass are a match made in Heaven!

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