Kiss My Glass Poem Items

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Kiss My Glass


Have you ever met a glass? 
One half full of everything 
A broken glass. 

This glass has a glare 
that can look you in the eye 
and eat you alive 
This glass is no joke. 

This one is a straight shot 
This glass is a realist 
Sometimes glassed over, 
This glass is single 

What kind of glass is it, anyway? 
How wide is thy brim? 
Where from art thou glass? 

Straight up – on the rocks 
Blown of a different breed 
Crystal clear, glasstastic 

Do you know where to get a glass? 
This one is foggy 
This glass is a quantum leap 
Sometimes my glass is completely naked 

Maybe there is no glass? 
This glass is drunk drunk drunk 

This glass is my glass 
This glass is your glass 
From over a rainbow 
To glasses glassed all over America 
This glass is not really a glass at all 
big a figment…

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