Differences between tempered glass and annealed glass

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I did not expect Paul Ryan, but I am so happy to be wrong. 

Selecting Paul Ryan is smart politics.  If winning is about turning out the base then Paul Ryan is the right selection.  If winning is about getting those disaffected “independent” voters who think “politicians are all the same” then Paul Ryan is the right selection.  If this election is about not reliving the Bush years, then Paul Ryan is the right selection. 

If this campaign is about a choice between the status quo which is leading us off a cliff and substantive change that will put this country on a long run sound economic footing then Paul Ryan is the right selection.  If this election is about tackling the hard issues and giving voters a real choice then Paul Ryan is the right selection.

Paul Ryan is a white male so Mitt Romney cannot be accuse of pandering to women or minorities.  Paul Ryan is a well known figure so there are no surprises.  Paul Ryan is very articulate in defending and promoting his reform agenda which is more than just Medicare.  Paul Ryan’s budget aims to reduce the debt to GDP ratio and simplify the tax code to two brackets (10% and 25%).

Mitt Romney has surprised us all and made a bold and meaningful selection in his running mate.  If Romney carries Wisconsin then that will be icing on the cake.

Expect the Democratic hate machine to get cranked up now.  We are in for a whirlwind these next three months.  The Romney ticket needs to not get off track trying to clear the air amongst the Obama team’s lies and mud.  They need to relentlessly stay on message which – I hope – now means meaningful tax reform, fiscal reform and entitlement reform. 

One last added bonus.  Paul Ryan is going to blow away Joe Biden like chaff in the VP debate.

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Tempered glass is always referred to as toughened glass as well. Here We would like to give a comparison between tempered glass and annealed glass.

Tempered glass is about four to five times stronger than annealed glass. It is meant for applications that may withstand severe pressure that annealed glass couldn’t handle without shattering. It is always known as safety glass because when it does shatter, it breaks apart in tiny square like pieces that are not as sharp and dangerous as normal shattered glass shards which can be pointed, sharp and extremely dangerous during both breaking and clean up afterwards.

AJJ Glass is a professional tempered glass supplier for over 15 years. Welcome to ask us for further questions.

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